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Harold Mendez


Harold Mendez:
Put cho' money where yo' mouf is
Digital print, custom neon, custom gold, diamond studs, custom case
Dimensions variable, 2004

"By using the portrait as a stage for the body, Put cho' money where yo' mouf is adresses issues of commodified identities, appropriation and perpetuation of violence, machismo, and their role in the formation and domination of the male identity. This work plays with the idea of putting your money where your mouth is or challenging one to stand up for their word. This work takes the words literally.  Just take a look at the diamond studs! This portrait points out a way in which an individual can alter their physical presence to temporarily and falsely upgrade their social status. As males we are always in the process of restructuring our identities, either as young men, fathers or boys trapped in men's bodies.  This work is inspired by early graffiti, hip-hop, and the disillusioned dreams of many young urban youth."

I'm feeling you……(A condition of the mind)
Video Installation
(Track 1, Jam On It by Newcleus, Track 2, Prototype by OutKast

Dimensions variable

I'm feeling you…is a short humorous video performance piece where I am engaging in the act of feeling or falling for the perfect woman, the prototype and fantasy girl.   The video installation plays with the idea of illusions within a relationship between a man and a woman, specifically in the eyes of the man. Using a common global object, the piece embodies for many men the ideal female figure and fragile nature of a woman. The accompanying soundtracks express the intrigue in a new relationship and the fantasy of another.  A common street dream among young males is to not only attain quick wealth but to also posses the ideal female trophy.

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