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Art Links - Multi-faceted Art Sites

(an * indicates superior quality)

Abstract-Art Repository *

adaweb *

The Art Deadlines List

Art History Page (* its all here somewhere)

Art on the Net

Art Tower Mito *

Art Links

Art1999Chicago *

The Artchive *

ArtNet *

artnetweb * *

The ArtsDirect

Arts Wire *

Art Speak - a chat room on the arts *

Katharine T. Carter & Associates

The Chicago Art Scene

Contemporary Art Site *


Detroit Institute of the Arts (Diego Rivera Archive) **(special**)


Foundation for Digital Culture *

O'Connell International Arts

Plexus *


Paint Your Own Picture at AnfyPaint * fun

The Place *

O'Connell International Arts

Striking Distance * new

The Thing *

Video On Line

WAXweb *

World Wide Arts Resources * comprehensive

Mexican Virtual Cultural Center X Arte *

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